Voice For The Animals Foundation
January 1999- Present
501c3, non-profit charitable foundation.
Tax ID #95-475-4776

Melya is the Founder and Executive Director of Voice For The Animals Foundation.  VFTA is devoted to creating respect and empathy for animals through education, rescue, legislation, and advocacy. VFTA is distinguished in its approach to animal protection, in that we have a 24-hour hotline and we never turn away someone in crisis. With the current financial downturn and foreclosure issues, we get many calls each day from people desperate to find a home for their companion animals before they are turned out on the street. VFTA has an extensive foster family network and all of our animals are placed in foster homes. They come to our weekly adoptions in the Pacific Palisades until we can find them a permanent home. We do outreach to the community through our Helping Friends Program by supplementing people’s incomes who are disabled, elderly or low income, and can’t afford to take their companion animals to the vet or pay for food. We have a Humane Education Program where we go to low income schools and teach children about compassion for animals and a reverence for life.

For more information, visit the VFTA website at http://www.vftafoundation.org