VFTA reinstated the Animal Cruelty Task Force AGAIN!!!!


California Institute of the ArtsCALARTS
Bachelor of Arts (BA) Dance, Film


UCLAUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts (BA) English Literature


Professional Experience:

-1996 and 1999 — organized two very successful LAPD trainings on animal cruelty. In 1996, trained 25 officers and in 1999, trained 55 officers.

-One of the founders of the Animal Cruelty Task Force which derived out of the trainings, and is under the auspices of the LAPD.

-Initiated the Ruby lawsuit which we won, and brought Ruby back from Knoxville to the LA Zoo, and ultimately to the PAWS sanctuary where she lived the last 4 years of her life in a large expanse with lots of elephant friends.

-Initiated the Billy lawsuit to close the elephant exhibit at the LA Zoo and send Billy to the sanctuary.

-Led the city wide campaign to close the elephant exhibit at the LA Zoo.

-Led the 6 year campaign to stop the sales of animals on public property, which formed the basis for the ban on purchasing animals on public property. This was passed by the city council.

-Initiated the ban on dogs on Ocean Front Walk during the summer months.

-Launched a successful campaign to encourage DA Steve Cooley to start an animal cruelty prosecution unit in the DA’s office.

-Executive Producer of “Elephants + Man: A Litany of Tragedy” which had a successful premiere and has been shown around the city.

-Created the Working Cats Program which saves the lives of feral cats and placed them as rodent control at the Flower Mart, LAPD stations, schools, private homes, etc., instead of using toxic exterminating poisons.

-Created and taught the first Animal Rights classes in Los Angeles at Crossroads and New Roads schools.

-Organized two trainings on animal abuse for police officers in Greece in 2015 and 2017. 700 officers as well as prosecutors were trained.


Continue making educational and entertaining films, create public awareness about animal issues, and to positively affect the lives of animals around the world.

Specialties: Public Speaker, Activist, Dancer/Choreographer, Director/Writer/Producer.